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Our Core Principles

We hold ourselves and our products to the highest standard. We let our ingredients shine and always leave out sugar alcohols, natural flavors, preservatives, GMO ingredients, and most of all - animal products. We don’t sell our products based on buzzwords and hype. Our products sell themselves based on the quality of ingredients. Though this lowers our margins in order to provide competitive pricing, we gladly do it because our bottom line is your health and the health of the planet. We set the tone with adaptogenic super foods like reishi mushroom, cacao, chia, quinoa, pea protein, and many other beneficial ingredients. Our ingredients are selected to blend form and function, giving you bold flavor and super food fortified meal bars. We are proud that all of our products, including apparel and accessories, are sourced from ethical partners.

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Sustainability & Zero Waste

Our mission is sustainable health. We’ve heard plenty about the impact our bars have had on all of you, but never thought about our wrappers. Being a conscious consumer is a necessity so in order to combat waste, Planet Protein offers an internal recycling program, trading rewards for our wrappers. We aim to reduce and eliminate excess waste every day and our goal is to actively influence and educate on the importance of a low waste and low impact lifestyle. Together we can truly make a difference and create sustainable eco-friendly businesses and communities. As part of our core values, we refrain from the use of any ingredients and materials that are damaging to any combination of health, the environment, and the workers throughout the process of bringing our products to life.

Recycling Program